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Published Date:05-01-2021


Steel row nail is one of many row nail series.

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Product Introduction:

Steel row nail is one of many row nail series. Because of its high strength and hardness, it can be nailed into concrete and other hard materials, so it is called steel row nail. The diameter of a single steel nail is 2.2mm, and the length is 18mm, 26mm, 38mm, 46mm, 50mm, 64mm and other different specifications. Steel row nails are made of coiled wire rod (high, medium or low carbon steel) as raw material, pulled (cold drawn) to the required wire diameter of steel row nails several times by wire drawing machine, produced by nail making machine, quenched by heat treatment furnace, polished by polishing machine, electroplated by galvanizing equipment, and finally glued manually to form qualified products. At present, there are relatively good domestic brands, such as open source nail industry.

## Steel row nails adopt a series of production processes to effectively integrate the regularly arranged nail monomers through special adhesive to form a whole block of regularly arranged and fixed row nails.