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St steel row nail


Published Date:05-01-2021


St steel row nail

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Product Introduction:

      T-shaped object made of 45# medium carbon steel. One end has a flat head and the other end is sharp. The nail rod has a diameter of 2.2 ¡é and is glued together by glue. It is mainly used for decoration, fixation and connection. It can also be used to hang articles. Use st64 pneumatic gun instead of steel nail and hit it with a hammer.


Model: st64

Product application: made of high-quality carbon steel, it has novel and unique design, fast efficiency, good engineering quality, wide application, etc.

It is an ideal replacement product for cement nails. It is mainly used for nailing concrete, wood strip or iron plate in decoration, and can be driven into 2mm metal frame in construction engineering.

Applicable nail gun: st64a steel nail gun (common to nail guns of the same model of various brands in China)