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Usage of advertising nail

Published Date:05-01-2020    Source£º    Author£ºsteel row nail  Viewed£º561

1. Steel row nail manufacturer: the hole diameter of advertising nail shall be about 0.10mm larger than the rivet diameter. If it is too small, it will affect the connection strength and it is difficult to insert the rivet.

2. During pull riveting, the sub hole diameter of the pull riveter head shall be selected according to the diameter of the core holder, the position of the conduit shall be properly adjusted and locked with nuts, so that the core can be freely inserted into the pull clamp of the conduit, then the rivet shall be inserted into the nail hole, the pull button shall be pressed, the mandrel shall be broken, and the riveting shall be completed.

3. When using advertising nails, attention must also be paid to the following points: when drilling rivet holes, the hole diameter shall be perpendicular to the workpiece surface; When riveting with a pull riveter, the axis of the pull riveter must be consistent with the axis of the rivet hole and shall not be skewed; When riveting, slightly press the riveter to make the rivet tail close to the workpiece surface.

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